Corporate Policy1

The following statement formulates our company’s philosophy and our company commitment;
setting the standards of corporate behavior, performance and management style by which each member of the Danica organization conducts their business activities.


Customer’s Needs

“Customers are the basis of our existence” We shall direct all our energies towards satisfying the customer by providing quality, reliability and good value in the products and services we deliver. We shall be market oriented, alert and responsive to changing customer needs.



“Environmental consciousness ensures our future”
We shall practice a policy of environmental friendliness in our daily activity and be alert to potential impact of our actions on the environment. We shall seek to minimize waste in our daily endeavors, and continuously seek to improve effeciency of energy and resource utilization, Environmental considerations shall become integral considerations of our Corporate Strategy and be an important criterion in investment decisions and selection of product and services to be promoted.



“Stagnation equals decline”
We shall encourage entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking and be alert to new opportunities.


Management Style3

“There are always able people behind an able ma
We shall encourage individual initiative and promote active participation at all levels of our organization in order to fulfill corporate goals and objectives.
Our goal is to encourage relationships based on mutual respect, trust and confidence at all levels within the organization and our external contacts.



“To achieve excellence by going beyond the average”
We shall pursue the concept of total quality through careful product selection, competence, high degree of self discipline and commitment.



“Profits secure rewards and future resources”
We shall aim to achieve a high degree of efficiency to ensure profitability and competiveness. Sustained profitability is essential to generate resources for future growth, ensure quality and to provide rewards to staff and adequate return to share holders