Danica Silicon is dedicated silane for the PV and battery industries

Danica Silicon Silane Reactor

Danica Silane Reactor

Danica Silicon Aps, a private company owned by Peter Kolos, performs R&D activities that aim to commercialised a new process route for the manufacturing of silane gasses.
With a team of five employees (including two Ph.D.’s and two science bachelors), Danica Silicon operates a pilot facility in Frederikssund, Denmark.
The activities are financed by Danica Invest ApS with support from the Danish energy research program (EUDP) and the Eurostars programme.

Silane for the industry

  • Monosilane (SiH4) or disilane (Si2H6) are used in the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries as a source of silicon and acts as the active material in most of todays IC’s (integrated circuits) and solar cells.
  • Silane is also used in the manufacturing of silicon nanoparticles to be used by the PV industry and as anode material in Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  • Danica Silicon have developed a synthesis process for silane manufacturing that is cheaper and available in small local flexible production units.
  • The synthesis takes place at low temperatures and consumes less energy than todays standard process and thus constitutes a cheaper source of silicon feedstock.
  • The process can be tuned to also generate disilane – a product that can be sold as a separated high value secondary product.

Si14 – invention of a new processing technology to produce solar grade silicium at lower cost and in an environmentally responsible production manner.

Danica Silane Gas