Danica has been active within Eastern Europe and CIS countries since 1994.
We specialize in Capital Investments,

  • Real-estateDevelopment & Construction
  • IT services
  • Progress- and production Management
  • Partnering and Logistics


The membership within the Danica Group ensures all international activities and Danica’s annual participation in the relevant major international exhibition and shows.

Danica is totally committed to providing services and co-operation fully meeting the expectations?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and requirements of our partners, the first time .. every time!



Since 1996, Danica Silicon has been searching  for a ways to replace the use of fossil-energy resources.

To achieve this goal Danica Greentech has focused on solutions based on solar and hydrogen as sources of alternative energy.

Danica Silicon is totally committed to providing sustainable alternatives, which not only focus on providing the required energy, but also effectively integrate with nature and are environmentally responsible.